Our prices for professional translation services are among the lowest on the market. Keep your translation costs down, mail us at office@halifax-translation.com or call +381 62 604 818 for a quote.

Typical prices for English to Serbian translation lie between €9 and €14 per translation page*.
Revision** of a Serbian text lies between €3 and €4.50, and of an English text from €6 to €8 per page.


For German to English, rates run from €18 to €22 per page. Prices depend on the language combination.

Serbia is a low-cost country: for serial translation to many languages we can be especially cost-effective by translating to Serbian and on to other languages – ask for the combination you need.


Price factors

Rates for translation services depend on factors such as language combination, urgency, certification, special subject material etc.

Court certified translation will typically cost around 2 euros more per page, depending on the language.

We create the most cost-effective solution for each client, selecting and combining the best resources for the job. Our prices are always competitive. Ask us, and we will reply promptly with a specific offer.

* A translation page is typically defined as 1,500 characters not including spaces – this applies to English, Serbian and many other languages. Other measures can be used, by the word or line, for example, depending on the language.

** Revision entails comparison of source and target texts to check for e.g. errors of understanding, with a final proofreading.

**Proofreading is carried out only on the target text, to correct orthographical errors, spelling mistakes etc.

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