Halifax Official Document Translation Services

Official document translation forms a major part of our work: we have organised a specialised team to deal with public administration documents.

These translators understand how the public administration uses language in its own specific way. They can guarantee you will receive a translation that meets the highest standards of the translation profession, to the deadlines agreed.

Our clients include international organisations and financial institutions such as IFC, the World Bank, the European Commission, German Development Cooperation, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, OECD, United Nations Development Programme UNDP and the United Nations Children’s and Educational Fund UNICEF. We have also provided services to many national institutions such as ministries, municipalities, government agencies and funds.The documentation we have worked on is immense, from reports, applications, contracts, agreements, bilateral projects, workshops, seminars, to documentation required in the process of accession to the European Union.

We are aware that translation is just one cog in the large machine of our clients’ business. We try to ease their daily work as far as we have the influence to do so. Ask them how it is to work with us, ask them about the services we have provided. Call us for client contacts to check the quality of our official document and other translations, but also our professionalism in general. We will be happy to send you their phone numbers or mail addresses.

Law and Finance are gathered in separate fields.

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