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Halifax is a professional translation services agency offering interpretation and document translation of all kinds, certified or otherwise. We translate all languages at highly competitive rates.

We are an ISO-certified translation company with specialties that include legal, financial, official, medical, pharmaceutical, technical and business subjects among others. We keep our deadlines, we observe strict confidentiality and we prioritize data security.

If you need a professional translator, mail or call us.

Our working hours are Mon – Fri
08:00 – 17:00 Central European time (Paris, Berlin, Rome)

We often find misconceptions about our profession and about how a translation services agency works, so we have designed our web site to make this all as transparent as possible. If anything is not clear, ask us.


Halifax translation services - document translation

Professional translation services: translation, editing, certified – Deadlines, measurement, specialist subjects, how we organise our work: reliably, confidentially, on time.

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Interpretation Halifax translation services

Oral translation, simultaneous or consecutive – language combinations and specialised subjects. An interpreter present at your meeting or a team to support your conference.

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Halfax Translation Services Agency - Prices, banknotes of all kinds

Our typical rates start at €0.04 per word ($0.05), excellent rates with excellent quality. How do we form a price? What are the factors? See how we can be surprisingly cost-effective.

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Halfax Translation Services Agency - Flags of all nations - languages

The largest part of our work is with European languages, especially English, German, French and Italian. We have a speciality in Balkan languages, and Chinese and Korean are often requested.

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Halfax Translation Services Agency - QA symbols

Just what is quality in translation? How does translation quality differ from translation service quality? What is a good translation and what do ISO standards have to do with it?

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Halfax Translation Services Agency - References - client logos

All translators have their special subjects and we have developed teams with specialist fields. Take a look at the clients we have worked for, ask us for their contacts and check what they say.

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Halfax Translation Services Agency - Certified translator's stamp

Just about every country has different regulations and practices for sworn-at-court translators, and some have none. Who appoints them, what exactly do they certify and how?

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Halfax Translation Services Agency - Computer code

What is so special about translating a web site? What should I watch out for and what are the things a professional translation services agency will take care of?

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Halfax Translation Services Agency - Ask a quesstion

Have you ever wondered how a translation services agency works? What are the professional procedures and how do we ensure the result? If we have missed your question, ask us.

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