Professional Consulting Translation Services

Our management and development consulting translation services are performed by an especially strong translator team. Their work spans from private management consulting companies through government funding agencies for development consulting to international agencies and consulting organisations that carry out projects of all kinds, all over the world, but especially in the complex Balkan region. We have worked on many projects for institutions such as the United Nations, European Commission, the German development cooperation agency GIZ, other bilateral donors and major companies such as Deloitte, KPMG end EY.

We are aware that translation is just one cog in the large machine of our clients’ business. We try to ease their daily work as far as we have the influence to do so. Ask them how it is to work with us, ask them about the services we have provided. Call us for client contacts to check the quality of our management and development consulting work and other translations, but also our professionalism in general. We will be happy to send you their phone numbers or mail addresses

References of our special team for NGOs and Human Rights is gathered in a separate field.

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