Halifax Specialised Technical Translation Teams for Top Quality

Halifax’s specialized teams for professional technical translation guarantee that your translations will be carried out by professionals who understand your subject, your needs and your language. With us, you can be sure that there will be no breaking of the agreed deadlines and that you will receive a professional technical translation that meets the highest standards of the translation profession.

We are especially active in the construction industry in the broadest sense, where requirements for technical translation are combined with a need for legal or marketing language. In the IT sector we work with apps and commercial web sites, where technical translation often requires a combination of technical knowledge and the ability to express ideas succinctly. In the sciences we work with physics, chemistry and microbiology.

We are aware that translation is just one cog in the large machine of our clients’ business. We try to ease their daily work as far as we have the influence to do so. Ask them how it is to work with us, ask them about the services we have provided. Call us for client contacts to check the quality of our professional, technical and other translations, but also our professionalism in general. We will be happy to send you their phone numbers or mail addresses.

You can find Energy and Mining gathered in a separate field.

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