The values that underlie a company’s approach to doing business are important. They set the scene for the company”s attitude to its clients and suppliers, its staff and the people around it. They help to generate trust, an essential element of all business. Honesty, transparency, respect and sustainability are the foundation of our relationships. Respecting these values is our responsibility and must be a part of everything we do.

Business philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a long-term vision. It requires a reputation for consistency and integrity which we are constantly at pains to build. We are responsible to our clients, partners, employees and the communities in which we work. Our aim is to achieve high standards of service in all areas of our work. We believe that satisfied clients, partners and employees are still the best recommendation in the modern business world.

We work on continuous improvement of our established management and process solutions. Our motto is that it is always possible to do things better. Such a way of working needs constant updating of existing systems, guaranteeing that any problem will be detected and dealt with. In an environment of rapid change we can never reach perfection, but we must aim for it, and never be complacent.

General business ethics

Our staff will never offer nor accept a bribe or other form of irregular payment or incentive. We are not politically affiliated and we do not seek to improperly influence decisions affecting our business. We take care to avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of them. In case of doubt, we will take the initiative to disclose to the client any circumstance or interest that might influence judgement or objectivity.


We care about our clients’ individuality, their particularities and individual needs. We treat each assignment, regardless of its size, in the same professional manner, to produce the best possible result. We are ready to hear criticism and objections, and to act in a timely and professional way to make necessary changes. Click here to see our reference list.


We work towards mutually satisfactory, long-term relationships with our partners. They are an important link in our constant search for quality. We make every effort in tending established relationships to everyone’s benefit, and in creating an atmosphere in which we all have the same goal – a satisfied client.

Employees, associates, suppliers

Our employees and associates are the basis of our company. We strive to develop relations in which their creativity will be fully expressed and supported.  All are treated with respect, remunerated fairly and paid on time. Non-discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, handicap or any other feature is a part of our fundamental approach to life and business.


We are aware of the specific needs of the societies in which we work, and actively seek opportunities to use our skills to the benefit of the community in which we are established, without seeking profit from such actions. Click here for details.

We maintain an awareness of the natural environment and the effects that our work may have upon it, looking for ways to actively promote energy saving measures and other environmental protection initiatives.