Halifax provides professional translation services for all languages. Our services are reliable, cost-effective, confidential and on time. Document translation, interpreter, court translator, we cover all of your needs in language services. We have translators with many different specialities: legal and official, finance, medical and pharmaceutical, technical, mining, marketing or web site translation services among others.

Our speciality is Serbian and other Balkan languages – to and from just about all others. But we also provide all other language combinations. Call us and ask for a quote for the translation services you need.

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Translation services for many specialised subjects

Specialised subject areas include finance and banking, legal and official, medical and pharmaceutical and technical domains.

Our large pool of translators covers a broad range of specialities They are all tested and known to us personally. We encourage and assist them to continuously improve their skills.

Which combination of translation services ?

There are many types of document, and clients have all kinds of purposes with them. As in most areas of life, cost and quality are the two main parameters to be balanced for each purpose. Here are some examples.

For most purposes we recommend translation conforming to the European standard EN 15038 / ISO17100, which covers among other things simple translation with independent linguistic revision by a second translator. This ensures a high-quality product. This standard is recommended for any important document or any material intended for publishing. (Quality Assurance, click here to see more).

And your advertising material? It defines your image in the outside world and you must be sure your message is communicated with brilliance. Even a small mistake can convey a sloppy impression. This is not just about getting the grammar right: strong localisation may be needed to make sure the intended message reaches people with differing cultural backgrounds and habits. Different language cultures may need quite different expressions or metaphors. Creative writing and painstaking attention to detail are called for.

A legal document may be needed for use in court. Adding a professional review by a specialised legal expert would help avoid problems that may arise due to a different use of terms and phrases in the target language culture, or differing legal systems.

Your company financial data may be needed in another language? Ask for translation by someone with strong experience in this field. Financial documents need precise and specific translation. Here again, a professional review may be helpful.

Whatever the speciality, we provide the specialists.

Ask for an offer and let us discuss your special needs with you. Our advice is free.

Among other languages, we work with Serbian, English, Croatian, Slovenian, Albanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovakian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Ukranian, Czech, Polish, Swedish...


What do the terms mean?

Some of the services we offer are listed below. The definitions are based on those in the  standard EN15038 / ISO17100.

Written translation
A qualified translator works from source to target language, taking care of:

– Meaning
– Terminology
– Grammar
– Lexical cohesion and phraseology
– Style: compliance with original style including register and language variants
– Local conventions
– Target group and purpose of the document.

Linguistic revision – A second translator makes a thorough re-reading of source and target texts, checking correspondence between them in all aspects, correcting mistakes and improving the text.

Professional review – A subject specialist (e.g. a lawyer, an engineer, a pharmacologist) checks the target text for terminology and register of the subject area.

Proofreading – checking the target text only for grammatical and lexical mistakes and ensuring good modern usage in the target language.

Certified translation – the printed translation is signed and stamped by a sworn-at-court translator.

Simultaneous interpretation - the interpreter listens to the speaker and translates at the same time. Two interpreters are used, working in 15-minute shifts.

Consecutive interpretation – the interpreter reproduces the speaker’s words in the target language during breaks in the speech, taking notes.

Localisation A text with strong communication aspects is examined and re-written taking into account differences between the original target audience and the new one, their culture, idioms, sensitivities etc.

Creative writing Forget the original text, we provide the impact you need with a newly-drafted text in collaboration with your services.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) The new text has a different format or length, reads right to left or vertically, or you just need it to impress with the perfect graphic image.

We also offer a range of ancillary services in support of good project management.